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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: Summertime Essentials + Clothing Drive

Let me start off by telling you baby C. had his first ear infection last week (he's still on the mend, and allllmost there). The doc acted like it was early, but we weren't surprised because of D.'s terrible history of them as a baby. (Gee thanks, D.!) So, we've been giving him the "pink stuff" and lots of extra TLC until he's completely rid of it. Which means no shots this week, and mama must admit she's sorta glad to delay them one more week (bashful face).

So, when baby C. got a package the week of his ear infection filled with two cute little onesies ($30 each) just like the one above with his name on it (baby C., right?) from the company Two Tinas, mama squealed. They are too cute (and I must thank the company for sending them to me). He's wearing the 3-6 month light blue/dark blue now (with his chubby little legs hanging out, no less), but will pretty soon be on to the light blue/red one for 6-12 months (can you believe he's 15 pounds now?)! If you're a sucker for anything monogrammed/personalized like me (if I had it my way, he would have his name on everything) you must visit Two Tinas on the Web because they have blankets and hoodies, too!

Now, onto what's really an essential this summer - baby sunscreen. If you haven't visited CosmeticsDatabase.com yet, please do. You'll find all kinds of creepy info about the beauty products you've been putting on your skin - yikes. It rates the best products for you and even breaks them down into categories, and "baby" is one of them. California Baby rates well time and time again and that's why I'm completely sold on it, to be honest. I don't want to put anything on baby C. that might harm him, let alone give him allergies or cancer (and yes, there are many products on there with high ratings on these factors). I also know baby C. has fair skin, blue eyes and reddish hair (he's only four months, so we have no idea if any of this will stay), and I'm the same. I know how important it will always be to protect him from the sun, and so I highly recommend this no fragrance (SPF 30) sunblock stick ($14.99). No fragrance, no chemicals and it contains all of the UVA/UVB protection baby needs. It's also water-resistant and soooo easy to pop in your beach bag, purse or whatever else you're toting around. I can't wait to use this sample on baby C. when we visit the beach - ready or not sun, here we come!
On a final note (sorry, long-winded today), H&M's having a clothing drive, "Clothes for Kids," in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club starting April 22 (Earth Day) and ending April 28. Donate "gently worn" kid's clothes at your local H&M and receive 20% off your next H&M Kids purchase (valid through May 12 and can't be combined with any other offer or discount, sorry!). Donate from your heart, please, and not just the discount! xoxo

[Photos Courtesy Two Tinas/California Baby/H&M]

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