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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yummy New Bath & Body Works Soaps

I swear by Bath & Body Works as the only place I buy anti-bacterial soap for my home (I usually stock up on tons of them at a time because they always have deals like four for $15!). I'm the same way with their anti-bacterial sanitizers, too (I keep a small one in my purse and by baby C.'s changing table at all times!). So, needless to say, I had been burned out by my usual go-to scent (Cucumber Melon) and was super-excited to be able to test out plenty of the new ones (there are soooo many now!) thanks to Bath & Body's PR folks (love ya!). My findings? I hate grapefruit in any smell, shape or form - usually. Out of about 10 scents or so, the Pink Grapefruit was my favorite. This is the one I put in the guest bathroom (aka baby C.'s bathroom), and I've found myself using that bathroom just so I can use this soap - ha! It just smells so good and so un-grapefruit-like; it's not too intense at all. My other new go-to scent is Sea Island Cotton, which I placed in D. and mine's bathroom, of course. Pure white cotton...fresh ocean air...ahhhh. If you know me, you know I LOVE the beach, so this one is perfect. And besides the great smell, all of the moisturizing soaps really felt soft and silky on my hands. They're only $5 each, or do as I do, and buy four for $15. Here's to clean hands! xoxo

[Photos Courtesy Bath & Body Works]


  1. I've got the Coconut & Lime Verbena in my bathroom right now.

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