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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fit in Clouds Foldable Ballet Flats

As much as we all love our heels (swoon), ever spend several hours somewhere and wish you had an extra pair of flats (but your purse was already soooo heavy, you couldn't manage to fit in one more thing!)? I am totally crushing on these foldable ballet flats by Fit in Clouds ($19.95).

Take this example. I went shopping with my mom, sister and niece for an entire day (we're talking a full eight-hour work day here, people!), and, of course, I wanted to wear my wedges. Well, let's push pause now. Mid-shopping trip I waltzed (err, hobbled) into Nordstrom to the endless array of chairs in the shoe department (c'mon, you know you've done it!) and switched out my wedges for my cute little foldable flats in this super-chic gold color. My feet immediately felt relief (like walking on clouds? ok, couldn't resist...), and my wedges? Well, there was plenty of room in my new shopping bag to haul them back with me. Wink, wink.

P.S. The shoes are just slightly larger than an iPhone - holy cow, right? (By the way, thanks to Fit in Clouds for providing me the chance to sample!)

[Photos Courtesy Fit in Clouds]

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  1. Thank you for your post! Glad the shoes came in good use!


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