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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Julianne Moore Looks Flawless in Brian Reyes

I must say we redheads stick up for each other and once meeting have an instant connection (haven't say I've met Julianne Moore, but I just know we would!). According to Wikipedia, there are only 13% of us out there - isn't that amazing? Is this why celebs like Kristin Stewart and Rihanna dye their hair our shade just to be a member of the 13-percent-club? Me thinks so.

Anyway, it's pretty hard for a redhead to look bad in this beautiful shade of imperial blue seen on Julianne Moore today in NYC (one of the cons of being a redhead is the limited amount of colors you actually can pull off - this one though? no problem!). It's a Brian Reyes dress, which means exquisitely classic and chic with all the right details - v-neck (check!), above-the-knee hem (check!) and darts in all the right places. The nude heels elongate Julianne's legs, and I absolutely can't get over how gorgeous her locks look - perfectly coifed and flowing in the breeze. I have to say she looks pretty darn flawless.

[Photo Courtesy Retna]

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