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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: Easy Feeding

Oh, baby C. is such a delight these days - he really is! He had his 6-month check-up and was so good about his shots (which mama dreads several weeks in advance every time - actually I'm already dreading December's...). He's been on rice cereal for several weeks now, but we started him on sweet potatoes and carrots just recently, and the boy loves it all - such an eater! When I first went to the store a couple of months ago to scout out feeding spoons, I had no idea. I grabbed what I thought looked good (metal? tiny scoops? what was mama thinking??) and was out the door - needless to say, we ended up throwing those away. So let me tell you about the spoons we use now - they're the Explora feeding spoons ($4.99) from Tommee Tippee (and yes, I received them as a sample, but thank the Lord I did because baby C. LOVES them now!). There are eight in a pack and this is handy because we go through spoons now like nobody's business. I also like how soft they are for his gums and the larger scoop (this is especially important because it's just so much easier to get the food on the spoon and into baby's mouth!). I could go on and on, but by then baby C. will need to start his squash - mmm...

P.S. Here is the "trainer" cup (baby C.'s first cup - squeal!) we plan to introduce within the next month or so. I love it because it has a cute little turtle on it (not to mention two handles!) - it's sentimental because it was my grandmother's favorite animal (she used to call me her "little terrapin.").

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