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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: Exclusive Interview with Trista Sutter

Baby C. turned 6 months old last week while we were at the beach. Today? He's eating sweet potatoes and sitting up on his own. Every day, it seems, is a brand-new adventure and I LOVE it! I also love chatting with other new moms, and if you know me, you know I'm a huge follower of both The Bachelor/The Bachelorette series on ABC. One of my favorite seasons was while I was in college and my sorority sisters and I would huddle down in the basement of the house to watch Trista (Rehn) and Ryan Sutter. Swoon. Love them. Now that Trista's a new mom (she has a two-year-old and a one-year-old), she's even more interesting to me! So I was thrilled to catch up with Trista a couple of weeks ago - ya know, in between our naps and stroller rides.

I Heart Heels: With two little ones at home now, family life is so big for you, right? Going into The Bachelor/The Bachelorette, was this a "prerequisite" for your future match?
Trista Sutter: Most definitely! Had one of the guys - even Ryan - said they never wanted to be a parent, I would've immediately wished them the best and moved on. Thank goodness Ryan wanted kids just about as much as me.

IHH: You're a stay-at-home mom, so how do you find time to pamper yourself and what do you do?
TS: That I am, although I work from home as well managing our public persona stuff. It's hard work, but I would not have it any other way! Honestly, I don't pamper myself too much as I truly consider even just a shower a luxury these days! If anything, it's time with my friends that is my most selfish use of time. I have three of my closest girlfriends over to watch The Bachelorette every Monday night and we usually have a blast just gabbing away.

IHH: Are you ever in heels now that you have kids?
TS: I am, but only during appearances. At home, it's all about flip-flops, slippers, and as [my son] Max would say "baring our feet."

IHH: What size shoe do you wear?
TS: I wear a size 6 - 5.5 sometimes. Tiny.

IHH: What's in your closet, and what's in your daughter Blakesley's?
TS: In mine, just about everything from everyday casual to my favorite Hudson jeans to the wedding shoes Stuart Weitzman specially made for me (minus the diamonds!). Blakesley's is packed to the brim with the most adorable shoes by Pediped and Stride Rite, outfits from one-of-a-kind designers like My Vintage Baby, Kait Emerson, Sweet Funky Vintage, Missie Moosie and Baby Butter.

IHH: Where do you like to shop for both you and the kids?
TS: Wherever and whenever I can! Because our town is so small, that usually means I'm getting my shopping fix online or at the outlets near our town. For the kids, Old Navy, Gymboree, and Janie and Jack are faves for sure, although I love a great kids boutique with brands like Splendid and Biscotti. For me, it's all about Anthropologie and - crazy enough - Forever 21!

IHH: What are two baby/kids products (both boy/girl) you couldn't have lived without?
TS: I just can't do two - can I do four? 1. Clouds and Stars invented the QuickZip sheet for cribs that is genius! It just zips off the top instead of having to dismantle the whole crib to change after accidents. They make them for daybeds and bunks, too! 2. The custom bedding, window coverings and accessories we got for the nursery from New Arrivals. 3. Our super-comfy custom glider from www.AngelSong.net that was made out of the fabric we got from New Arrivals. Love it! 4. The gorgeous furniture we outfitted both the nursery and Max's big-boy room with from Bratt Decor. I'm still in love with it and we've had the crib and dresser for three years now.

IHH: How did you go about losing the baby weight - any real advice for new moms?
TS: www.mycalorienumber.com really helped me and they have great recipes to boot. Next, workout with a partner or trainer so that you are accountable for not canceling. When you have kids, it's easy to find an excuse to not make it to the gym. Last thing - and this helped me without a doubt - is taking a natural, non-thermogenic product called Abdominal Cuts. It essentially replaces bad fat with good fat in your mid-section. You can find it at www.revolutionlifestyle.com. First thing's first though. Get back to the basics, which are watching what you eat and being active.

P.S. Trista has some great tips on being a new mom on Twitter - follow her under @tristasutter!

[Photo Credit: Cara Leonard/Celebritybabyscoop.com]

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