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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: Soccer Chic

The World Cup starts Friday! Any little soccer fans out there? Soccer really is such a chic sport (David Beckham plays, hello) - way chicer than American football where guys wear tacky orange Spandex in my least favorite colors (orange, anyone?). That's why I LOVE the new Modern Field collection of apparel and accessories by Ralph Lauren, created just for your little (and big - it's for men, too!) soccer fanatics. What great collector's items.

The collection includes these super-cute mesh polos (16 countries available, $70 for boy's and $135 for men's), but there are also crew neck Ts, shorts, hats and windbreakers. The coolest part about the polos is you can "create your own" on RalphLauren.com by embroidering a name on the back. Talk about getting in the game.

P.S. Find these at Ralph Lauren stores, RalphLauren.com and Macy's.

[Photos Courtesy Ralph Lauren]

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