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Monday, July 12, 2010

Designer Q&A: Adam Lippes of ADAM

Every season, designer Adam Lippes of clothing line, ADAM, is our strong favorite. The line is always so vividly fresh with vibrant colors, not to mention, ultra-chic. It's the perfect attire for a girl (or guy) who wants to dress up basics (we own half a closet of his tees!) in a fun, new way. I Heart Heels caught up with Adam just last week and got all the deets on this summer's collection as well as what's in store for the future. Enjoy!

IHH: I am in LOVE with your dresses, especially the Dorset Print Strapless Layered dress from Spring 2010. What was your inspiration for this dress, and what shoes would you pair with it?
AL: For Spring 2010, my inspiration stemmed from a trip I took to Lamu (in Kenya). I blended my ideal muse of a gypsetting girl with the memories I took away from that trip. For the photo shoot, we paired the dress with strappy, thick heels that wrapped around the ankle. I think that the dress is fun enough that it can be dressed up with a heel or can be paired simply with summer. It depends on the event, and most importantly your mood.
IHH: It all started with the basic tee for ADAM, right? How should the tee work into a girl's wardrobe?
AL: Exactly! In 2004, I launched the label “adampluseve” with the idea that cotton basic t-shirts would become the basis for our fashion collection. My desire was to fuse the perfect ADAM white tee with fashion. This, to me, is exactly how a basic tee can be incorporated into a girl’s wardrobe and what makes American sportswear so special. We try to take inspiration from everywhere including travel, the art world, and people on the street and then mix it all together. The motto that I live by, as an American sportswear designer is “Make a twist on the casual.”

IHH: What's the essence of your Spring/Summer 2010 collection, and the most versatile piece in it?
AL: My favorite pieces are the ostrich, metal and shell-embroidered dresses and skirts because they’re sexy, fun and unexpected for summer. The most versatile piece in the collection (and all of our collections) is our t-shirts. They can be worn throughout every season and are an essential basic to everyone’s wardrobe.

IHH: Your collections are so feminine and pretty, and your S/S '10 collection has a mix of florals and pastels. Do you think anyone can wear these?
AL: Thank you! I believe anyone can wear color and that women should! I think women feel safe in black but, to me, color is so important. Women smile when they wear something amazing in color because there is so much black and denim in everyone’s wardrobe. The key is to pick a pastel, floral or solid hue that makes you smile.

IHH: Have you ever considered designing a shoe collection?
AL: I have to admit, the idea has crossed my mind. I haven’t pursued the idea further because I’ve been busy with a few exciting projects including our new Resort 2011 and Spring 2011 collections, our recent collaboration with the Whitney Museum of American Art and contributing our mannequin to the Sidewalk Catwalk fashion exhibit in Herald Square.

IHH: Would you ever consider doing a less expensive collaboration like those popular at Target and the Gap right now?
AL: Yes, absolutely. In 2009, we had a very positive experience collaborating with MANGO to create limited-edition collections for men and women that was exciting for us because they were sold around the world. Based on our past collaborations with MANGO to the Whitney Museum of American Art, we would definitely consider doing a less expensive collaboration.

IHH: Which celebrities have you dressed most recently? Who would you like to see wearing your designs?
AL: We recently dressed Lauren Santo Domingo, Blake Lively and Oprah, who are all such amazing women. Many celebrities wear our clothes so beautifully, but I really enjoy seeing my friends in my clothes.

IHH: Is there anything new launching within your brand this year - or new announcements?
AL: We recently launched our collections at Harrods and Browns in London and are thrilled by the opportunity to be sold internationally at such fantastic stores!

IHH: Will you show at Lincoln Center in September - we're dying to know!!
AL: We are thrilled about the possibility of showing our collection at Lincoln Center in September and hope to see many supporters there.

[Photos Courtesy ShopAdam.com]

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