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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

La La Vazquez Dishes on Her Upcoming Wedding - and the Fashion!

Guess who's getting married Saturday? You guessed it - La La Vazquez! The former VJ and her NBA basketball player beau, Carmelo Anthony, are tying the knot in NYC this weekend (after a five-year engagement!) and in case you weren't invited, VH1 will follow the entire planning process this fall when it premieres Sept. 19 at 9:30 p.m. central as part of a five-part series. How excited La La must be at this very moment as she finishes the final touches on her wedding (with celeb wedding guru Mindy Weiss) - she was super-busy when I talked to her just last week! Here's the scoop straight from La La!

Most stressful part of the planning process...
The guest list! As La La tells me, "you start at a number, then you forget someone, and then it grows and grows, but you want to invite everyone."

Is the show really reality...
Yep, it's unscripted. "It's exactly what happens leading up to the wedding," La La says. And she tells me she "doesn't [even] have many bridezilla moments."

Did Carmelo get involved and what about three-year-old son Kiyan...
Apparently, Carmelo picked the "red theme," including the red velvet cake (yum!) and, of course, the music. Kiyan is also on the show (and in the wedding). La La describes herself as a "hands-on mom" and without Kiyan on the show, it "wouldn't be an accurate portrayal" of her life as a mom.

So, what about the fashion...
None other than classic Vera Wang, of course (Kim Kardashian actually introduced the two!). And, La La will take two of those, please. She'll don one for the wedding and one for the reception. During the show, you'll see all of the fittings, and La La says you just "can't go wrong" with one of Vera's dresses. The heels are by Stuart Weitzman, and the bride certainly didn't want to worry about her feet hurting on the big day, so they aren't too high of a heel (hey, that's ok!).

What about BFF Kim Kardashian...
Actually, Kim K. and singer Kelly Rowland planned the bachelorette party at Tao in Las Vegas. "I appreciate that they would take time from their busy schedules," La La says. Besides partying at Tao, there was a huge cake, a spa day and she says it was "a really, really fun time."

And the honeymoon...
After constantly filming, this girl needs a break! She's a "mom first," but is also starting a production company and pursuing her acting career. La La didn't reveal the location, but I have a feeling it was somewhere very relaxing. The day I spoke with her she had narrowed it down to two and would decide that day. Squeal!

Decisions, decisions! We're sure you made all of the right decisions for your big day, La La, and we can't wait to watch them all unfold on VH1 in September!

[Photo Courtesy PMK/BNC]

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