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Sunday, August 8, 2010

COACH's Poppy Project

What's up, chicettes! Iiiiiiit's Coach’s Poppy Project time! What's that, you say? Oh yeah, you did see all of those poppies blooming on the left of the page, huh?! Well, we need your help (not begging, just pleading very nicely??) Help us "grow" our poppy pattern by clicking on it, tweeting about it and, in turn, spreading the COACH poppy love (you do love COACH, right?). Here's the deal: you can win prizes instantly by doing this!!
Yep, you can win INSTANTLY. A Poppy bag just might show up in the pattern, so click on it if it does because, lucky girl, that means you WON!
Tweet with the hashtag #iheartheels to make our pattern grow (you can even click the poppies to send your tweets for you!), or tweet with #coachpoppy so everyone's pattern grows (we prefer the first way, of course, or both is even better). [Example: “Grow, Poppy! Grow! #iheartheels #coachpoppy http://coach.com/poppyproject”]
P.S. Do this just ONCE and we're BFFs for LIFE!! Did I mention I could win something? From one shoe lover to another, thaaaaaank you!!!!

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  1. I tweeted http://twitter.com/cstironkat/status/20746242992


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