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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How I Wore My Heels...Dinner Date

Ok, let's get this straight. 99% of my pictures, I HATE! Thus, the reason I hardly ever post myself on here. For some odd reason, the heel lover in me has been inspired. Perhaps inspired by my new Jimmy Choos? Who knows, but today marks my first installment of a new series titled (drumroll, please): How I Wore My Heels.

Heels by Jimmy Choo (I found at a local store having a 75%-off sale - woweeeee! They were $100 - shhhh!!!)
Dress by Thorn by Nancy Rose (Another great sidewalk sale in town a couple of years ago brought me this jewel that I have since worn to NY Fashion Week. I just love the lace hem!)
Blazer by Gap (This is a staple in my closet that can be worn with practically anything.)
Watch by Michele (A gift through the LBD Experiment and my new best friend.)
Earrings by Anthropologie (The store at Highland Park Village in Dallas is absolutely huge.)
Purse by Nila Anthony (A wardrobe essential, I love the satchel style for fall as well as the gold studs!)

So, there you have it. D. and I had the best time at dinner, and the self-conscience me even took off my jacket to eat (omg).


  1. Cute heels! Especially loving the price. Found your site by way of the Poppy Trail! :)


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