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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Work of London Stylist Kate Halfpenny

Kate Halfpenny of Half
penny London is a fashion stylist and (amazing!) bridal wear designer who also dabbles in jewelry making that is absolutely charming (ok, pun intended). She's styled everyone from Elizabeth Jagger to Kate Moss and makes us long once again for the simple days of straightforward "dressmaking," which she masters like no other. Here's Kate's take on all things style.

I Heart Heels: What are a couple of your style tips you use on clients that an ordinary person can easily replicate?

Kate Halfpenny: Use sashes and silk flowers to add color to your dress. Also, vintage brooches make great hair accessories. If you sew ribbon around the pin and make a loop, you can grip them in the hair.

IHH: Your Bridal Collection is beautif
ul - stunning! Please tell us how you come up with your designs and how long it takes to complete one collection.
KH: I don't work to current seasons. Instead, I add dresses constantly to my collection. I don't think my dresses really date, so we're just adding [to the collection] and accessorizing all the time to make the collection grow.

IHH: We must know - what it was like working with Kate Moss?
Kate Moss is incredible to work with. She is really inspiring and knows exactly what she wants, so she is a joy. And, of course, she's insanely beautiful so she looks amazing in any of my dresses.

IHH: Which celebrities are you styling right now?

I am working with model Erin O'Connor, English actress Emilia Fox & Scottish actress Karen Gillian (the redhead from Doctor Who). They are all totally different and utterly gorgeous. The only thing they have in common is their differences.

IHH: Do you ever feel pressure designing for the red carpet?

I love making show-stop
ping dresses for the red carpet, but there is a certain pressure as I work very closely and instinctively with my clients, so it's always scary knowing how the press will comment.

IHH: What's your favorite way to style a high heel?
I love to see a killer heel with a sexy draped and high-waisted skirt. The shoes make the legs look amazing, and the skirt provides the icing on the top for a great look.

IHH: What would you pair your charm necklaces with for an everyday outfit?

KH: My charm necklace looks great with wide leg trousers (very this season) and a simple T-shirt. So effortless and chic. You can always throw on some sexy shoes and a fabulous little blazer for a cool and sexy evening look.

IHH: How can you tell a very well-made dress from a very poorly-made one?

KH: It's all in the fabric and the cut. I am obsessed with fabrics, so it's essential to have a gorgeous fabric to touch and with a lovely drape. S
ilk all the way!

[Photo Courtesy Kate Halfpenny]

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