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Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Glimpse at The Tents!

Hola, chicsters! Que pasa? Guess what? My plane has Wi-Fi - squeal! So...since I know many of you are dying for a sneak peek at what's called Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, here it is (courtesy of StyleList.com)! This year is the first year for it to take place at Lincoln Center, and I'm actually really excited to hang in a new area other than midtown (snooze). So in case you wanna know what it looks like inside "the tents," the photo above is of "the stage," which will be the mid-sized show venue (there is also "the theatre," the largest of all, "the studio," the smallest of all and then "the box," for informal presentations where the models stand around instead of walk the runway.)

Below is a photo of an interior courtyard where other chicsters can relax (yeah, right!) in between shows. I have TONS of shows over the next several days (I'll be jetting home a little early before NYFW ends...gotta get back to baby C.!), so keep reading for exclusive deets on the SS 2011 collections and, of course, the hottest afterparties. (psst...LNA is TONIGHT!)

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[Photo Credits: Ben Widdicombe for StyleList]

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