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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jessica Simpson Debuts Her Jeanswear Line Just Before Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

I'm skipping my usual Whiny Wednesday because, hello, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is upon us. There's nothing to whine about today! NYFW's the Super Bowl of fashion, if you will. It only happens twice a year, and the anticipation is
killing me (considering I don't get to go every season). I'm still in the progress of packing (it's taking me foreeeeever with a baby around, haha), but can't wait to get to NY and report back to you! It's going to be f-u-n.

Tonight was Jessica Simpson's jeanswear launch, plus the showing of her new spring collection, and correspondent T. of Ruby Slippers NYC was there at Jess's showroom front and center to cover for I Heart Heels. I heart Jessica like I heart my heels, so it pained me that I wouldn't be in town just yet to go, but T. updated me throughout the night on how things were going. Her guest post (as she saw everything, including deets on the actual collection!) is coming asap, but I wanted to "set the scene" for you.

"I am so excited to share my new denim line with everyone! It is comfortable, affordable and trend-right. I am already wearing them and loving them!" -- Jessica Simpson

All of the models were friends of Jessica's - her sister Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, music executive and television personality Cacee Cobb, Jessie Holiday who is a dancer and hair stylist, Stephanie Pearson who is a singer/songwriter, Kathy Sykora who is an interior designer, Lauren Zelman who works on the collection with Jessica, Lynn Simpson (no relation) who is a makeup artist, Christie Pliler who is a television producer and Lauren Auslander who is a publicist. Now, how cool is that? Ashlee's hubby, Pete, even spun the party tunes.

P.S. Guests were treated to their very own pair of denim (yep, weeping with more sadness!) and invited to upload their photo to Facebook where Jessica will donate for every upload $1 donation to "A Beautiful Me," a movement to encourage good self-esteem in young people, founded by Jess herself.

Look for more to come from T. very, very soon! - xoxo

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