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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Love for Dannon Activia...Involves My Wardrobe (Sponsored Post)

Ok, I get it. This post is a little "different." (Saddle up, there are going to be two more this month!) But, I feel I must truly explain to you my love affair with yogurt, particularly Dannon Activia. If you read I Heart Heels very often, you know I had a baby some eight months ago (has it really just been eight? Feels like a lifetime, whew.) My first baby meant my first time to indulge (I won't eat that much with the next pregnancy, right. Right??). And so the week after Christmas, it started. The dreaded weight loss plan. And that's where my Activia comes in, and that's what brings me to shopping (duh...ok, my real love affair).

Yogurt is good for you, ya know. And Activia actually has probiotics - the good stuff to help regulate your system. After baby C., I ate Activia Light regularly every morning for breakfast (I started with strawberry, and finally moved on to vanilla, which I surprisingly loved.). It was also the best low-calorie, low-fat snack ever during the day. My Activia kept me full until the next meal (which more than likely didn't include the milkshake I ate during pregnancy, sigh...).

I've lost all of my pregnancy weight, I'm proud to say, and can now fit in clothes smaller than before I became pregnant. Oh, the BCBG, the DKNY - you had me at hello! Of course, it was tons of Pilates, cardio and a balanced diet. But, I certainly couldn't have balanced it without Activia. And you know it was important for me to get back into my wardrobe, right?

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P.P.S. By "sponsored post," I mean I actually made a few bucks writing this particular post. It in no way, shape or form discredits my true love for Dannon Activia (that's just not possible...).

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