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Friday, September 17, 2010

Victoria's Secret Foundation of Fashion VIP Suite

Monday was my last day in the city, and I still had a morning full of shows. So, I stopped in between them to rest and kick up my heels at the
Victoria's Secret VIP Suite. I'm no VIP, but I sure felt like one in this swank lounge full of modern furniture and plush couches high atop Manhattan (inside The Julliard School, too). They had a full breakfast bar, so I ate some crackers and cheese and sipped on water, and I scanned the room at all of the beautiful new lingerie for spring/summer. Really Victoria's Secret is the only place I do my undergarment shopping these days - I just love all of the pretty patterns and luxe fabrics.

I had to stop by the suite first thing when it opened, so there weren't many people around. Little did I know I would miss major celebs later in the day like Denise Richards, Emma Roberts, Jessica Lowndes and Kourtney Kardashian. Sigh...The suite had manicures and massages, but I had to get back and start packing up my things to fly out of the city. (In fact, most of my "recharging" in the suite involved calling Delta to find out their ID requirements since I lost my license in a cab - ugh.) Alas, I left with the prettiest undies ever - bold, bright colors that make me long for spring.

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