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Thursday, September 2, 2010

What I Need Now: DKNY Rain Boots

You don't say. DKNY rain boots? I've been on the fence for quite some time about this whole "rain boots are chic" mantra. There are tons to choose from nowadays, and shoe stores def try to convince you that you need a pair. But those cutesy hot pink gold embellished numbers are not.my.cup.of.tea. Catch my drift? These, on the other hand? These are the most glorious rain boots my feet have ever wanted. I just know it will rain one day in the city during Fashion Week (isn't that how it goes?), and getting caught in a thunderstorm in the city in your peeptoes is no fun at all. I soooo need a pair of these (left to right: Niagra, $120; Neve, $120; Noli, $110) to keep my feet dry in between shows. (ahem, on my way to the DKNY show, perhaps?) Can't wait to dish on the show - so excited! Until then...

P.S. They come in tons of colors and most are either available either at a DKNY store, DKNY.com or Zappos.com. My personal fav is the Niagra in black..my birthday's in just a few weeks, ya know. Wink, wink.
[Photo Courtesy DKNY]

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