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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: Skip Hop Palette Plate

Yesterday was baby C.'s NINE-month check-up...can you believe? He's a healthy, happy (on the move!) baby boy and I heart him so much - swoon. He's growing like a weed, and in the 80th-percentile in both height and weight! He cried through his whole exam yesterday, bless his heart, but when he was done he let out a big "oh" - his fav new word.

I must tell you about our newest go-to feeding item now, the Skip Hop Palette Plate ($28). I love these little removable bowls so much (they are the perfect size!), I bought refills ($8) at Giggle when we were in Soho! (you know you're getting old when...) The bowls can be microwaved (even though right now, we don't microwave), and there are even lids for storage (which I don't use much of yet, either). It's great that this set can grow with baby C. as he gets older. The base is skid-resistant (a necessity nowadays), and there's a spot for his sippy cup for when he decides he wants to use it instead of throw it on the floor (lol). Matching utensils come with it, too, but we're also saving those for when he's a bit older (they're a little large).

And, of course, my favorite thing is I can carry everything at once to our adjoining dining room from the kitchen. (baby C. will start beating the table - as if he's chanting "I want food!" - if I don't make it snappy) Isn't it pretty, too?

P.S. Today is my birthday, the last of my 20s...sigh. I hope baby C. gives me a big, slobbery kiss. That's what birthdays are made of, no? xoxo

[Photo Courtesy Skip Hop]


  1. Hope your birthday was lovely! I enjoy your blog and twitter updates. Hope you will follow my blog for stories of downtown dating, dining, and debauchery.



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