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Monday, October 25, 2010

Exclusive Q&A with Jordin Sparks

At I Heart Heels, we're HUGE American Idol fans, so, of course, we know all about Jordin Sparks. We've been keeping track of her since back in the day! Love her. She's got a lot going for her with her music, and now she's dipping her toes into the beauty industry and we couldn't be more proud. We caught up with her last week to chat all things fragrance (and heels!), and here's what she had to say:

I Heart Heels: You started out so young on Idol - at 17. Do you find the fame and the industry itself has gotten easier the older you get?
Jordin Sparks: Some things get easier, and there are always new challenges to face. I just take it day by day.

IHH: Do you constantly get recognized when you go out in public, and how do you deal with it?
JS: It depends on the city, day, time and where I go. But, people do recognize me. For the most part it's fun, and I love meeting my fans.

IHH: Tell us about your fragrance! Why did you decide to develop your own?
JS: I've always loved fragrances and scents. I get it from my mom and nana because they always had gorgeous bottles of perfume on their vanities. I wanted to make my own as well!

IHH: What does your new scent remind you of?
JS: It reminds me of all the scents I like to smell! It makes me feel happy and uplifted when I put it on.

IHH: It's so affordable! How were you able to keep the quality with a lower price - or is that a secret?
JS: Not really a secret! I just worked with great people who could help me give high-quality products to my fans at a price that they'd love!

IHH: Tell us what's in your closet - what do you love to wear right now?
JS: Some boots, lots of heels and summer clothes. I came straight to New York from touring, so I need to go shopping! I love to wear scarves.

IHH: What's one item you might splurge on (or have you splurged on lately!)?
JS: I splurged on a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti heels for the Project Runway fashion show.

IHH: Let's talk more about shoes! What's your shoe size, how many pairs do you own and what's your absolute favorite pair of heels?
JS: I wear a size 11. Since American Idol, I probably have close to 200 pairs of heels - that's guesstimating. My go-to pair used to be a pair of Louboutins, but the slingback snapped. Such a sad day!

P.S. Jordin's fragrance, Because of You, retails at just $14.95, and until Sunday will be available for just $9.50 on Dots.com.

[Photo Courtesy Varela Media; Dots.com]





  2. I just love Jordin Sparks and so feel she is WAY UNDER-RATED!! Her vocals are just fantastic and she has really step up her game with her performance with band. I just love this young lady and wish her NOTHING but great success!!!


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