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Sunday, October 24, 2010

What are the Best Colors for You?

Since the day I was born I've had red hair, yep. And I've never been ashamed of it because, truthfully, I LOVE my hair color. Luckily, I was graced with a nice strawberry blonde hue that occasionally gives me a craving to go in and get blonder highlights once a year. It can def be tricky - always has been - deciding what lipstick or what color of high heel (copper, I hear) to wear with my hair color. So, I found these tips (for every hair color!) extra helpful from "Hollywood's Guru of Hue" Jill Kirsch. (P.S. I'm embarrassed to say I'm wearing heather grey right now!)

10 Tips for Redheads
If you want to rock red lips, go for an orange red.

Don't wear heather grey or dusty lavender - they make your hair look like a bad dye job.

Olive green and teal are your friends.

Those metallic strappy stilettos should be copper, bronze or gold.

Topaz and amber hanging from the ears is a good thing.

Burnt sienna around the eyes is way better than taupe.
Forest green beats out mint any day.

Forget the dusty rose gloss and opt for copper.

Salmon is your new pink.

Champagne is oh-so-much-better than stark white.

Deep Brunette?

Olive green and camel, not so much.
Emerald green & charcoal grey - YES!

Fuchsia and royal blue are stunners.

Earth tones in makeup are not your friend.
Go for the rose hues for the lips and cheeks.

Warm Blonde?
Camel is a great neutral - it will liven up the warmth of your hair.
Whereas, taupe will make your highlights look like a bad dye job.

If you're opting for red, make it tomato and not rose.

Coral on the lips and a bronze around them will dazzle.

Golden Brown or Redhead?

Earth tones rule the day - along with teal and champagne white.
Recycle the burgundy and mint green.

Gold, bronze and copper are the best for strappy sandals and ballet flats.
Leave the silver for someone else.

A bronzer will give the face an overall glow, and a swipe of copper gloss will look natural and fresh.

Ash Blonde or Grey?
All the dusty pinks and lavenders will do wonders next to your face and hair.
Taupe and dove grey are classy neutrals - leave camel and rust alone!

Silver earrings and off white (or grey) pearls are exquisite.
Leave the yellow gold behind.

[Photo Courtesy Jill Kirsch]

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  1. What a great article! Thanks Julie! I'm an almost black hair/freakishly pale person, and I wear a ton of fuschia, even though I say I'm not a "pink" girl!


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