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Monday, November 1, 2010

Another Look at DKNY S/S 2011

By Tiffany Reo, Guest Blogger

You know when a movie is so good you end up seeing it twice? Well, this week the same went for the catwalk as the savvy staff over at DKNY invited bloggers to a re-see of their Spring 2011 collection. (No photos were allowed at the private invite, thus the runway shots here that we grabbed in September!) There are a few reasons why in the dead of winter we can only daydream of what spring has in store for us, and this collection is one of them. Elegant fabrics with a touch of practicality in bold tones make almost every piece a classic.

Certain details that might have been missed in the rush that is the runway were front and center and made me even more enthusiastic about what's to come. I was over the moon for their silk scarf printed top that has the same silhouette of the line's to-die-for Cozy's. That is one piece I know we will all be stalking in the coming months. Brrrrrr...

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