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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Latest TJ Maxx Finds

I keep meaning to tell you all about my TJ Maxx finds lately! Bet you didn't know I was obsessed with that store, did you? I won't call myself a Maxxinista (ugh, I sorta hate that term?), but I will say that every time I go there, you have to draaaag me out. I start with the bags, then the clothes, and by the time I make it to the shoes, I have to sit down to try on because I'm so tired. Whew. To give you an idea of the store savings, the entire outfit above only cost $111.95!

Last month, I bought a couple of low-key tops from Michael Kors and Kenneth Cole, but this month was the gran-daddy of them all. Why? Because I found a pair of rain boots I am gaga over completely. (See Loeffler Randall rain boots below, but view with caution because they are that amazing.) They're not this season's boots because they don't have the back zipper, but who am I to care? They are precious LR's, and I got them for (you better come down off your high heels) only $50! They're normally $195. You're prob thinking "how plain" or "what's the big deal about those boots?" Chicettes, you can slip on these boots with jeans, a dress - anything! I didn't want anything too flashy (cue the rain boots with the argyle - ick), but a modest LR logo on the back and a slight wedge heel (very slight). TJ Maxx, you stole my heart yet again.

TJ Maxx Tid Bits! Did You Know?
- Buyers for the stores travel all around the world 40 weeks a year to meet with 12,000 different vendors.
- Many items are still in-season trends.
- Buyers negotiate prices up to 60-percent less than department stores.
- 10,000 new items arrive in every store each week!

P.S. I was provided a TJ Maxx gift card before my last spree, but never fear, I was already sincerely head over heels for the company and this in no way influenced my review. xoxo

[Photos Courtesy TJ Maxx; Loeffler Randall]

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