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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sponsored Post: Visit ShopNBC for the Holidays

Online shopping is just so easy, no? And now that the air is finally getting frigid outside (and the holidays are fast approaching!), it's so nice to just hit "click" and wait for your shoes (natch) to show up on your front doorstep. I've been browsing ShopNBC's site all night looking at shoes. They have one of my fav brands, Kelsi Dagger, as well as brands like Adi I had never heard of, but am quickly falling in love with as I click around (this is one of the styles above, $46.99). Everything on the site is neatly organized, so it makes shopping a cinch. And it's not just shoes, but jewelry, beauty products, apparel and more. Where else can you quickly buy a diamond ring and a baby jogger at once? Customer service is easy, too. Just type in your question, and there are loads of pages with answers to what you need. Now just wait for that doorbell.

P.S. For more info, visit ShopNBC's Facebook page, watch ShopNBC on YouTube or check out ShopNBC on Twitter!

[Photo Courtesy ShopNBC]

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