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Friday, December 10, 2010

Avoid a Fashion Faux Pas

Part of fashion is knowing how to wear garments the right way, and that means no visible bra straps. I don't care how chic you think you are, if your bra straps are showing (even the clear ones, ick!), you better rethink things. The Natural is loved by the red carpet from celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Emily Mortimer to Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth. The Natural Racer Back Bra Clip ($10) is the perfect way to wear a super-cute racer back tank, and you can still wear your favorite bra. I personally love wearing bra clips because it's such an easy fix. (although, I have to get D. to help me clip!)

The Natural Combo Bra (bottom photo; $27.99) is perfect for tank tops/tank dresses, and The Natural Solution Bra (below; $39) should be your go-to for those one-shoulder strap dresses that are so on-trend on the red carpet. No straps does not mean no coverage by any means! And one more thing before you go - The Natural Satin Nipple Covers ($9). Yep, it's hard to discuss these (bashful face), but look at them. Sometimes, they're just, well, necessary. They might as well be chic, right?

If you own any of these, at least you cannot commit a red carpet faux pas - the no-bra-straps-showing thing is so crucial. Now that we've gotten this out of the way (whew)...Thank you and goodnight. - xoxo

[Photos Courtesy The Natural]

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