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Friday, December 3, 2010

Vote for I Heart Heels in the DKNY Cozy Style-Off!

Ok, chicsters! I need your help soooooo much on this one!!

I Heart Heels was chosen as only 1 of 15 style bloggers to participate in the DKNY Cozy Style-Off - squeal!!! So, correspondent T. worked her thing this morning while at the DKNY breakfast, and here is what she came up with above. Head-to-toe DKNY (check out the heels), and isn't it absolutely fab?

Here's where you come in. You have until Dec. 10 to place your vote on Facebook. Just LIKE "DKNY" and then LIKE our photo. It's super easy, and I would love, love, love you! (You know I give out heels occasionally, riiiight? Wink, wink.)


Have a chic weekend, and vote now! Air kisses, xoxo

P.S. As a part of attending this amazing breakfast at DKNY, T. received her very own Cozy - squeal!!! Thanks, DKNY, for such an awesome event!

[Photo Courtesy DKNY]

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  1. Tif is lookin HOT! :)




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