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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cameron Diaz Hearts Her Necklace by Lana Jewelry

Omigosh, you know how you heart, heart, heart that fav pair of shoes in your closet and you wear them over and over and over until the heel looks worn out and it's time to buy another pair of the same shoe? Yep, that's Cameron Diaz this month, but with her necklace by Lana Jewelry!

She's worn it everywhere (including dinner at Prime 112 most recently) - and I see why, I love it! It's called the "Blake Necklace" ($655), and it's a fabulous 14-karat gold stunner (there are two lengths - 18" or 20"). We at I Heart Heels just love Cameron Diaz (remember I told you we ran into her, well not literally, at the Chateau Marmont while visiting L.A.??), and we're so happy she's met her (er, jewelry) match. Wink, wink.

P.S. Wear this with an open neckline to draw the eyes down (oh c'mon, you know where!)...

[Photo Courtesy Lana Jewelry]

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  1. oh i heart it too! very pretty!!!!




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