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Friday, January 7, 2011

Soniat House in New Orleans - Completely Charming

Yesterday I returned from what was my very first trip to New Orleans. I was in town to root for my team in the Sugar Bowl (which didn't work out so much...), and, of course, to shop my little heart out. I had even printed out Lucky Magazine's city guide to NOLA, but unfortch there just wasn't much time as we stayed just one night. I would definitely love to stay longer next time, but in the meantime, I want to let you in on what I did buy, and the charming little hotel we stayed in for one night. Soniat House.

Nestled in the French Quarter, Soniat House blew me away the minute I laid eyes on it. It was really and truly tucked away in the residential area (literally steps away from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's part-time abode...more on this next week), quiet and serene, which is just how I like it. So much better than the skyscrapers of the Hilton and Marriott. (love those to a point, but Soniat House was pure NOLA)

We pushed the call button at the front doors shown here and were immediately greeted by the bellhop, James. What a friendly man! I was taken by his kindness and hospitality as soon as we stepped inside the large doors as he showed us to the front desk and took our bags all the way to the third floor (up the steep, winding stairs, no less). D. and I proceeded to take the old-fashioned elevator to our room. And when I say, old-fashioned, I mean we had to use a key to start it, shut the door and step behind an accordion-style grate. WOW.

This is the "lobby" of the hotel, a cozy sitting area filled with a computer, fireplace , "Claire the Cat" and honor bar (which might I mention had everything from water to every fixing for a Cajun Bloody Mary - they ran out!).

Apparently Soniat House has been featured in Vogue - gasp! It's also one of the "Small Luxury Hotels of the World" (I was reading my hotel literature in the room, haha.) It's listed in the "1,000 Places to See Before You Die." Checking off my list...

This is the main entrance hallway. We felt like we were walking into another world when we entered. The elevator is just to the left of the front door.

The courtyard was gorgeous, and several people went to their rooms here. I just stood inside of it and gaped at it all - so, so pretty.

The steep staircase poor James had to climb with our luggage (trust me, my bag alone weighed like 1,000 pounds with three pairs of boots...insert bashful face.).

Our room had this lovely little fireplace, so we felt like we were at home.

Omigosh, and I squealed so loud when I saw the Molton Brown products in the bathtub - some of my favs.

The lamp in the bathroom gave it such ambiance, which was great because I def spent plenty of time in there applying make-up and blow-drying my hair.

The king-sized bed was a nice touch, and the pillows are still under investigation. I must have one now! Of course, after our long day of shopping, celeb stalking, game watching and late-night revelry anything might have felt good. (Cobblestones and heels don't mix...ouch!)

Thank you, Soniat House, for an amazing stay!


I'm going to, of course, write an entire post on my shopping experience. That's to come within the next couple of weeks. What I can tell you is the little boutique Hemline and I had a great time. That store had me at hello, and I bought the sweetest gold owl pendant (the jewelry was so amazing and affordable!), a cape-style top (my new fav style) and a pretty blue top that was only $35 or so. I refrained myself from the shoes...can you believe it?? But, trust me, if I would've had more time, those shoes would've been in...my...bag. Because they were def cute! I'm actually still kicking myself that I didn't buy the animal-print cardi by the register...le sigh.

I also stopped in Langford Market on our way out of town, but to be honest, I was just too tired and ran out of time. I hate shopping in a hurry! The shop had some really cute things though and I wish I could've taken the time to shop around (the only minus at this one? no shoes...).

P.S. Couple of funny things that happened while we were there? A random lady on the street eyed my Michael Kors wedges and said "You have shoes for later, right?"

Our Lily Tomlin-lookalike cab driver told us about Soniat House: "ohhhh, movie stars stay there."


  1. Great pics and post i love new orleans!

  2. i went to New Orleans for MARDI GRAS! Such a cool city!!



  3. Oh wow! I would love to stay
    there if I ever make it to NOLA!


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