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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: little C.'s New Essentials

Happy Wednesday, y'all! I'm writing this Tuesday night as little C. is giving his daddy fits over sleeping...it's been an hour and a half now. Oh, the lovely world of teething (he's getting several molars)! (er, not to mention, he's never liked sleeping...) Let's see, what else. He's clearly saying "mama" now (swoon), and he's jogging, not walking, all over the house. His hair is a curly mop of a mess, too, haha. Just waiting as long possible to get it cut because those curls are so cute!

Now, to the essentials. Even as I type, he's in his little "blue dog" HALO SleepSack. We started swaddling little C. in these from the week he came home - they're the best swaddlers ever. After the swaddle, we used the wearable blanket. Once he outgrew that one at a year, we started using the Early Walker wearable blanket ($26.95) that HALO sent us. Since he's still too young for a full blanket and we want him to stay warm during the winter, this is a great way to satisfy both while leaving openings for his legs for mobility (he's usually sitting up when I come get him, and it's way cute!). We just slip the sack on over his footed PJs, and if they're not footed, we put socks on him. He's really grown to love it, although now he's come to realize when we get it out it's time to go to sleep...oy vey. Haha.

(For more info on HALO, visit the HALO Facebook page and follow HALO on Twitter.)

Whoever invented the Stokke Table Top ($89.99) is genius. Since Stokke sent it to little C. several weeks ago, I'm not sure how we functioned at the table before we had it. It's that amazing. First, it functions as a way to contain all of the mess because it has a spill tray, and I can easily wipe it clean before and after meals (it stays on the table with four hefty suction cups!). Second, it's loads of entertainment. There are six different templates that can be inserted into the tray, depending on the age of your little one (although I think little C. would like any of them!). Right now, we're using the farm scene meant for one- to two-year-olds (so I'm constantly naming the rooster, the grass, the chickens and the eggs over and over...). The giraffe shown above is meant for six months to one year. I love that we can learn, play and interact at the table (sound cheesy, but I do!). It makes mealtime not such a chore (er, and it's a great distraction while I'm preparing the food).

little C.'s Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair was one of the best investments I made the first year. Highly recommend.

And last, but certainly not least, is the new organic long-sleeve terry bib ($5) sent to from Under the Nile, a wonderful online shop full of organic goodies from clothing to toys. This bib isn't available for purchase until March 1, but get ready because you'll want to buy them in 10s. Seriously, I wish I had even more! I'm not quite sure why all bibs don't come with little slip-on sleeves (they're not complete sleeves...think smock style!) like this? It alleviates so much more of a mess. And it's easy to slip on and tie behind the neck. I love, love the sweet elephants on the front, too. Yet another essential for little C.

[Photos Courtesy HALO; Stokke; Under the Nile]

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