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Thursday, February 10, 2011

B Brian Atwood Launches at The Lion

By Tiffany Reo, Guest Blogger & Fashion Week Correspondent

It was the launch fit for a king - king of the concrete jungle that is. The West Village was literally up in a roar at The Lion on Tuesday night as famed shoe designer and God of gorgeous, Brian Atwood celebrated his new brand, B Brian Atwood. The place was abuzz with models, editors, and famous friends and co-host Byrdie Bell who raised their glasses to the man of the night. Lucky just to be in the room, I too raised my glass to Brian Atwood; his current line is so amazingly successful, but a bit on the steep side for an up-and-comer like myself. The news of this new, more affordable endeavor that will debut in the fall at price points from $100-$600 was the perfect way to annoint a very exciting week of fashion festivities. B Brian Atwood was created for girls who heart heels, the kind you put on your feet and can change your attitude, so obviously we welcome this news with open toes.

Editor's Note: We are beyond excited for this launch (hello, best new launch of the YEAR) and can't wait to show you more details of the collection as we receive images. Keep reading I Heart Heels for more updates!

[Photo Courtesy BPCM]

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