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Friday, February 4, 2011

Fashion Lovely Louise Roe Spills on Her Shoe Obsession

Interview with Louise Roe on fashion
We recently caught up with fashion journalist Louise Roe (you probably saw her with a microphone on the red carpet if you were watching any awards coverage on E! lately...). The UK to L.A. transplant now fronts a makeover show called Plain Jane on the CW and MTV (you might also remember her from The City on MTV). She's a great host, writer, and most of all, stylist. So we just had to ask her all of our fashion questions!

I Heart Heels: Tell us who or where your fashion inspiration comes from...we're dying to know!
Louise Roe:
It's a mix of things like old movies, magazines and girls I see on Robertson Boulevard (near where I live), but mainly it's 1970's icons like Talitha Getty and Lauren Hutton. They're my absolute top two.

IHH: Your show Plain Jane is amazing! We feel like a "Plain Jane" at least once a week - what's your best tip on how to get out of a wardrobe rut?
LR: Thank you! Wearing color. Don't suddenly try to reinvent your entire look because you'll feel even more lost. Just take your best-fitting jeans or black trousers and get a fab pair of bright high heels and perhaps some bright costume jewelry. Personally. I love a giant cocktail ring on each finger. The splashes of color and high heel will lift you, both metaphorically and literally!

IHH: You have been the spokesperson for Piperlime.com (known for shoes, of course!) and you've even said your favorite way to dress is to start with the shoe (love!). What kind of shoes are in your closet, what's your favorite and what size do you wear?
LR: I'm more obsessed with shoes than any other fashion item - they make or break a look! My wardrobe is full of bright, very, very high heels, and a lot of "shooties" (shoe booties) at the moment. There's barely any black [in my closet]; I've got every color of the rainbow. Like any girl, I love a Louboutin, but I also drool over Camilla Skovgaards, Mechante of London, Giuseppe Zanotti boots, Jimmy Choos and Aldo for bargains. I'm a US size 9. Hey, I'm tall!!

IHH: Since the groundhog did see his shadow, cold weather is coming to an end and warmer weather should be approaching soon. What do you advise wearing in this soon-to-be "in between" weather? We always have such a hard time...
LR: I know, it's a tough one. Thick tights and chunky boots worn with a summer floral dress and chunky knit cardigan is a great boho look. The same goes for leather trousers - wear with a vintage tee or silk shirt instead of a full-on coat. I love cutting my jeans into shorts for summer, too.

IHH: The City was one of our favorite shows and we have to know what it was like trying to work with cameras around all day? Do you still keep in touch with Olivia Palermo?
LR: Yes, in fact, we did a shoot together the other day! The cameras, well, luckily I've done enough TV to remember when I've got a mic on, so I don't say any anything I might later regret. I miss the show; the crew and production are an awesome group.

IHH: Name a few shops you're obsessed with at the moment...and do you shop any online sample sites?
LR: Intermix, Zara, H&M, and, yes, I just joined Gilt Groupe. I'm addicted!

IHH: We're all still trying to lose those holiday pounds. What's your number one tip on dressing to look slimmer? We're going to memorize this now.
LR: Black is the obvious tip, but worn head-to-toe, not mixed with color. A wedge under a long, long denim flare will slim your legs, and actually wearing more fitted clothes is, contrary to popular belief, more flattering that hiding under a loose mu-mu. Wear small prints instead of large, and don't go near clingy nylon or satin because it'll show any lumps and bumps. Finally, don't be afraid to try a high-wasted pencil skirt. It's so femme fatale and yanks your stomach in, giving you that wonderful "Jessica Rabbit" hourglass curve.

[Photo Credit: Julian Marshall]


  1. omg I LOVE HER! Such a fan!!! SO COOL you got to interview her! I met her last FW and she is such a NICE PERSON on top of having AMAZING style! Very cool!



  2. What a GREAT interview!

  3. I love her because she is so nice, professional and down-to-earth. These three characteristics are rare in the fashion world! Furthermore, I love your photo of her because I now I know how to wear those red Jimmy Choo sandals.


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