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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: HappyBaby Organics Makes for a Happy Baby

So little C. is a big eater, haha. I think I've told you he likes pretty much anything that comes his way on the spoon. He even gets excited when I open the refrigerator...what can I say, like mama, like baby (er, toddler). From the beginning one of his favs has been anything from HappyBaby Organics. He loves these pouches! And I love them, too, because they're healthy, they're easy and there's such a variety. I love having him try new things! (he even liked the Salmon we gave him!)

Just recently, HappyBaby sent us some goodies. Boy, was little C. tickled! When he saw all of his new pouches (they're BPA-free by the way), he pretty much squealed like his mama. He has already been eating the organic cereal (both rice and oatmeal) and a few of the HappyBaby pouches (his new favs are Apple & Cherry and Broccoli, Peas & Pear!), but not many of the HappyTots for those past the baby stage. He already loved the Apple & Butternut Squash, and his new fav is Sweet Potato, Apple, Carrots & Cinnamon. They're full of antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and minerals, which I love. They also contain the super grain Salba, which is perfect for little C.'s fiber intake (so important!).

While he's not much for the HappyMelts (I've tried and tried and just won't quit eating his crackers), he did love eating the HappyBaby Frozen Meal we tried (we found it at our local Whole Foods...the others we usually buy at Kroger, but now they have them at Target!). It was so easy to pop a little bit out at a time with these frozen meals, however they were so frozen I had to have D. help me with a few, haha.

Basically, I'm trying to feed little C. all organic for the first 24 months of his life and teach him that his veggies and fruits aren't bad! On the weekends, I fix a few fresh snacks for him, but during the week and as a stay-at-home mom these pouches are absolute lifesavers! Run to your nearest store and stock up now...

[Photo Courtesy HappyBaby Organics]

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