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Friday, March 4, 2011

Devi Kroell Launches Dax Gabler

I'm pretty bummed we weren't able to cover the Dax Gabler presentation this season at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The collection looks absolutely amazing. Remember designer Devi Kroell? She left her namesake company of exotic skin handbags (where she earned the CFDA’s prestigious Swarovski Perry Ellis Award for Accessory Design) just last year to produce this stunning new line of ready-to-wear, handbags and (ta-dum) footwear (hopefully more deets on that to come, but I believe they are all flats...sigh). Prices range from $250 to $890.

"I wanted the collection to feel rich, but in this very understated way. [And] I found the colors very modern and relevant." -- Devi Kroell, designer

In case you're wondering the name comes from her grandmother's maiden name. The fall (introductory) collection features beautiful hand-knitting in muted shades of gray, black and brown (don't know about you, but my fav "color" palette!). Everything is modern, yet completely wearable (and it looks super-cozy, no?). The ready-to-wear is made from mountain sheep wool only found in a specific area of Austria, and free of any chemical manipulation or dyes. Minimalist chic is the style and sometimes that's what we crave the most. So very pretty, indeed.

[Photos Courtesy Dax Gabler]

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