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Monday, March 21, 2011

Essie's Spring Collection is Beyond Nice

I've been in love with Essie from day one - the nail polish line, that is. It's an absolute must on my beauty list. I use the polish every season on my nails religiously, and, in fact, am a bit of an Essie snob. Haha. During the colder season, I loooove to top my nails with "Midnight Cami," a dark navy shade. So pretty and unique. But, hello, welcome to spring!!

Essie does spring shades like no other, and I've been wearing "Nice is Nice" on my sweet little toes. Labeled a "whimsical light lavender," I love the soft, subtle hint of color it gives me feet, and it is just gorgeous with the season's florals and woven wedges and espadrilles. And you gotta love "Sand Tropez," a "soft sandy beige." My toes long for the beach, but until then this polish will satisfy me. (Yep, the cutesy little names get me every time!) I didn't receive a sample of the "Coat Azure," but this "breathtaking medium blue with shimmer" intriques the heck out of me, so I'm def trying it next (did you know Target now carries the line??). At just $8 a bottle, my counter will be fully stocked in no time.

P.S. Other shades include: "A French Affair" (a "sophisticated lavender pink" - it really is chic on the feet!); "Topless & Barefoot" (a "barely there soft beige pink") and "Kisses & Bises" (a "kiss of pink shimmer" - great for layering!).

[Photos Courtesy Essie]

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