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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Celebs Heart Mama J by J Brand

It's a love story, baby just say yes. Taylor Swift fans in the house? Not so much here, but that song is rather catchy and I sometimes find myself singing it in the car. The "Love Story" maternity bell-bottom jean ($195) from Mama J by J Brand (haha, I just looove that name!) most def have a ring to it. I mean, I find myself wanting to be pregnant just to wear these sweet things...ok, NOT. J Brand already sells tons and tons of the popular Love Story jean to chicsters all over, and this is merely the mama-to-be version (that mamas-to-be like Jessica Alba and Rachel Zoe wear, natch). Because preggers gals can be chic, too, no?

While you might scoff at the price, these jeans are pretty revolutionary. They have stretchy side panels for each month that you grow (yes, you must), which seems waaaay better than a band all the way around the belly (or no band at all). They're very lightweight for spring and summer, and while skinnies def have their place during the week, these ultra-wide suckers should be uber-flattering to the well, um, rounder top part. Thank yooooou J Brand for making chic maternity clothing! I would totally rock these long after baby arrives.

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