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Monday, April 4, 2011

Banana Republic's Newest Fragrance, Wildbloom

Not only is the newest scent, Wildbloom, from Banana Republic heaven, so is the bottle (heaven in a bottle anyone?). Pink grapefruit mixes with a hint of Wild Camellia with a dab of Patchouli to create a fresh, floral scent you'll absolutely fall for (head over heels, perhaps) this spring.

It's very feminine, but has just a touch of the woody nuances like radiant musk and pink suede. It's got that breezy, sheer and sensual aura to it that will make you love wearing it every, single day. (Some fragrances make you tire of them very easily, but not this one!) In fact, I let my mom borrow it, and she spilled it in her purse. Oopsie. She says she doesn't even mind now because it smells so good, haha. I only mind because I want my sample back! Wink, wink.

This scent makes most anyone I've waved the bottle in front of swoon. If you could bottle a beautiful, confident and sophisticated woman, this would be it! And honestly, we've never met a BR fragrance we didn't like.

P.S. A 1.7 fl ounce bottle retails for $48 and is available exclusively at Banana Republic stores nationwide.

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