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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jersey Shore Stylist, Jeni Elizabeth, Dishes on Spray Tans & Shoes

Jeni Elizabeth talks about her job and styling Snooki
Surely you've heard of Jersey Shore by now, right? (C'mon, even the president knows who Snooki is!) But, have you ever wondered who is behind those spray-tan-loving kids' closets? Celebrity and TV fashion stylist Jeni Elizabeth is the name you should know. While she doesn't dress them for the show, she dresses them for most all public appearances (and we know that's plenty!). After meeting the cast at a MTV press event, she developed friendships with many of them and now calls the Shore group "like a family." "We laugh so much and laugh all the time!" Jenni told I Heart Heels over the phone earlier this week.

Jeni started her styling career working part-time at Henri Bendel while attending FIT in New York. She credits Michael Palladino - who ran the designer department - as her biggest influence. "He guided me through everything and taught me everything I know," she says. Jenni became a manager at HB "pretty much the second day" and it was there she rubbed Louboutins with the likes of Victoria Beckham, Carrie Underwood and Paris Hilton. "The first time I met Victoria Beckham was one of the highlights of my career," Jenni says. "She opened her purse and it was full of kid's toys." she laughs. About Carrie (one of our favorites at I Heart Heels), she tells us she was always "excited and cheery." While at HB, they also filmed Sex and the City. "It was such a huge learning experience," Jenni says.

Besides Jersey Shore these days, Jenni's also been working on TV projects, including Wedding Wars on VH1 and Nail Files on TV Guide Network, to debut this summer. She's even helped style the infamous The Bachelor/The Bachelorette shows on ABC that we're so addicted to (blushing...). So, what's in Jenni's own closet? "I wear leggings almost every day...and furry boots." She tells us she's usually so worried about everyone else that sometimes she thinks, "I should be shopping for myself!" Her style persona is mainly to have fun: "color is fun and makes me happy," she says.

Jenni's home is currently undergoing a makeover by renowned interior designer Ariel Fox and the silver lining of it all is an enormous glass armoire shoe display at the end of her bed that's - get this - lighted! We both agree instantly that shoes are a work of art and should be admired when not worn.

Of course, before she hung up, we had to get our own burning question in reallllly quick. How to wear white, of course. Jenni's advice? "I love white with a clean and crisp striped top - and I wear it all year round," she says. Pair it with a "pop of color" (she mentions a bangle statement bracelet), and "always a spray tan." We should've known...


  1. i was a little curious! do they dress themselves for the show then???



  2. Yep, they do! It's all about expressing themselves, Jeni tells me. ;)


  3. One hell of a stylist and a terrific friend. How lucky am I? M in NY.


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