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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sneak Peek! Levi's Fall Collection

By Tiffany Reo, Guest Blogger [24Kt Style]

If you thought the Levi's Fall preview was going to be a rolling rack with the following season's newest designs on it, you would have been beyond mistaken. On the lower end of Soho's Wooster Street is an enormous stark space that is the Levi's workshop. Now, fill it to the brim with loads of very cool people from hipsters to tastemakers - models and bloggers - sprinkle in some really well-developed vignettes (all to some 80s beats that Andrew Bevan was spinning!) and you've got yourself a preview, Levi's style. From 501's to the new Curve ID, scenes of how you wear this iconic denim were live and in living color. I felt almost bashful as I snapped a shot of the Evening/Morn gentleman who was sprawled out in bed in his best denim of the coming season.

New for Levi's is the Commuter jean, a pair of denim developed for the cyclist - except no Tour de France entry necessary to rock these, they are for the everyday rider. They have that fashion-meets-function look, which will be a great addition to the fall line-up. 
Straight from the park, chain-link fence and all, a group sports non-denim looks of khaki, leggings and rugby shirts, showing that the Levi's range is not only the "go-to" denim brand of cool, but a fashion staple. 

Nothing is more fashionable than being made in the good 'ol U-S of A, making one of my favorite scenes the "Made Here" set-up. It harped on the good that Levi's does with environmentally-conscious production in America, all while showing a must-have denim jumpsuit of the season. Now that is something to look forward to, right?levis5
P.S. I couldn't resist the photo booth, so much fun! Excuse my deer-in-head-lights eyes, I had no idea where to look, but had fun chalking up my love for I Heart Heels!

[Photo Credit: Tiffany Reo]

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