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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Perfect Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift by Lindsay Phillips

Ya gotta love it. Every year (ok, every holiday, who am I kidding??), I try to buy things early, so I can be "thoughtful" and get my mom something she really deserves (I've always wanted to do the calendar printing thing, but never can find the time!). Before I had absolutely no excuse, but now? Hello, little C. does take up just a tad of my time. (Um, sorry mom, I know you're reading this!) So, these days while I don't have as much time as I would like to think it all over, I still love to put extra TLC into my gift giving. I LOVE to give gifts! So, my fav item to give this year is a beautiful scarf. This gorgeous ombre scarf (just $25!) by Lindsay Phillips, to be exact (mooooom, you know you don't like surprises!). 

What's great is it's light enough for those cool and windy, spring days and so perfect with the bright-hued trend of the season. It even has fringe and - get this - sequins! Oh, I can't wait to hear my mom squeal!!!! (you do know where I get it, right?)

P.S. You can find Lindsay Phillips products at tons of places, so you still have time! Just click on "Locations" on the Lindsay Phillips site to find one near you.

[Photo Courtesy Lindsay Phillips]

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