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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: All About Crocs

Crocs...they're the kid's shoe nowadays. If your kid is "in," that is. Haha. little C. is now 17 months old (can you believe??) and he does happen to have a love for his shoes. At first he didn't, but I must admit, I broke him of it pretty quickly by buying him pair after pair (bashful face). He now owns quite a bit of shoes, and these new Micah Crocs (sent by their lovely PR rep!) are a fav, by far.

They retail for $34.99 and are soooo lightweight. I actually threw them in the air several times and asked D. to do the same when he came home because I was so amazed (doesn't take much these days, folks!). I love this style because it's a slightly updated version of the traditional Crocs style (we can't have little C. looking like the rest, right??) and it works for the hot summers we have down south. His feet stay cool and the nice little traction on the bottom makes for a great outdoor shoe (since it seems that's where we live now...). I wanted something that wasn't such a "baby shoe" since little C. is growing up so fast, and I think these will be great for our beach vacay pretty soon (not to mention, they are super easy to pull on and off)! They come in multiple colors, but since he has a TON of blue shoes (guess they make them all blue like they make girl's shoes pink?), I thought these black/grey ones would be great for his little black linen pants and black burnout tees.

Funny story: we have a "shoe bin" by our front door so not to track in dirt everywhere (since he plays on the floor, primarily). When I tell him to pick out his shoes now, he automatically goes for these Crocs. I might have to put them on the bottom for a little while to get some use out of the others, haha. Even funnier? He knows them by their "Crocs" name...so when I say go get your "Crocs," he does. Loooove that little boy!

P.S. A little update on little C.! Not sure what I've told you, but he's coloring with his crayons now (when he's not breaking them), getting more molars (yep, no sleep right now), saying both "dog" and "cat" religiously, climbing on the couch (ugh) and opening his bedroom door (double ugh) and loving his lima beans (yep, you heard me). I'm going to attempt potty training after vacay, so wish me TONS of luck on that, haha.

[Photo Courtesy Crocs]

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