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Friday, July 15, 2011

Sasha Rhett Rose Gold Watches

I'm gonna go ahead and say my fav thing about this watch by Sasha Rhett - it's the double-wrap strap. I know it's supposed to be the rose gold accent I go completely gaga after, but I can't help but go crazy over the way the strap wraps around the wrist twice. It's unlike any other watch I've seen and like many bracelets I covet. Genius. You can actually interchange the straps for $75 a piece.

But, I do love the rose gold face, too. It's both masculine and feminine at the same time. I especially love the contrast with the black (snakeskin!) strap. Can you believe it's both water resistant and scratch resistant? For just $299, it can be yours. C'mon, dontcha think it should be?

P.S. While we're on the topic of jewelry...when did you first get your ears pierced? I feel like I wore stick-ons for ages until I finally gussied up the courage; whereas, my sister had like 10 holes in each ear (not afraid)! Just pondering as I came across these helix earrings from Fresh Trends while browsing the Web. Interesting how we all have different styles...fashion is great that way, no?

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