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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Servemehere.com Offers Mobile Spa Services (Sponsored)

It's the freaking weekend and all I'm thinking about is relaaaaaxing. You, too, right? Usually, I call and schedule my spa appointments weeks in advance, but sometimes I call the same day and pray I get in at the last minute. Usually it's a terrible time of day if this happens. So, what if you could satisfy your spa lovin' on the fly?! Seriously. Have you heard of the new "mobile spa" trend? It's so cool because you can get what you need done right then and there. I've actually tried mobile tanning at my home, and it was amazing - got my tan right there on the spot! So, I've stumbled upon this site where you can search for mobile spa services near you. It's called Servemehere.com - genius, right?

In fact, I just used it to look up services in my area and found there were more than I thought! I had no idea you could have a mobile massage, but whoever invented this concept of a "mobile spa" should get a medal. After long hours walking in those heels, just think. You can stop off and get a quick mobile massage. I love this, and maybe when I'm in New York in September, I'll try it a la Nail Files (the show we recently reviewed on The TV Guide Network). Let me know if you decide to try it - would love to hear about your mobile experience!

If you make an appointment online at Servemehere.com (and write a review afterwards), you'll receive a $15 credit for the next time. Not bad, eh?

[Logo Courtesy Servemehere.com]

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  1. I just ck'd them out, & surprise surprise NO services here - I would have fallen out in a dead faint if there were services like that here in ElDO........ ;-((


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