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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Handbag Designer Joy Gryson Talks Family & Fashion

A good handbag must always complement a nice pair of heels (I seriously can't refrain myself from the handbag department...something about those accessories!). One line I can't stop obsessing over? Gryson. Hellllllllo, I've met my match. These are go-with-anything, one-of-a-kind statement bags, and I would die to get my hands all over one. For now, I've got the deets straight from the designer, Joy Gryson, who has just been accepted into the prestigious CFDA (you go, girl!). Scroll down to see which bag she carries!

I Heart Heels: What inspires your handbag designs? They're so beautiful!
Joy Gryson:
Thank you! There's only one true constant inspiration, and that's my friends and the ladies I want to design for. I think about what would make them swoon! Aside from that, it truly can be anything - an amazing type of leather I've found or worked to develop with a tannery, a vintage hardware piece that I may find or see on my travels, a magnificent piece of jewelry, a painting, sculpture or movie. It truly is anything that moves me. 

IHH: Celebrities all over carry your bags these days - from Jessica Biel to Jessica Simpson and Katie Holmes. How does that make you feel...is it extra pressure to always make something better?
I'm not one to obsess over celebrities, but I'd definitely be lying if I said that it didn't make me smile. Not so much because of who they are, but because they choose to wear my product over any and every other option afforded to them. It's not extra pressure from them, it just fuels the fire in me to continue to make amazing product and not just settle. 

Handbag designer Joy Gryson talks about her job and family
IHH: There are tons of Gryson bags on the site currently sold out - which bags are usually your bestsellers?
JG: It depends every season, but right now it seems to be the Ruby style from the Belted Strap group. This happens to be the bag I'm wearing myself these days! The bestsellers are usually the mid-sized bags that have a distinct look, but are versatile enough to be worn with pretty much any outfit. 

Handbag designer Joy Gryson talks about her job and family 
IHH: The more contemporary brand, Olivia Harris, was named after your daughter. How do you balance your successful handbag business with your family?
Carefully! My husband is the president of our company, so it's wonderful to be able to work with him but also to be able to know that when I'm not at work, the company is always in good hands! As for my daughter, my husband and I have chosen to make sure that we do all we can to be there for Olivia as much as possible. We chose the location of our office to be only 10 minutes from our apartment so we can come and go as necessary to make sure that our family and business life is well balanced. And we integrate Olivia into our work as much as we can. She visits the office and does some of her own creative pieces, and she goes to events whenever it's appropriate.

IHH: Many people have handbag obsessions (um, I do!). How many handbags should one person own in their closet?
I do too, obviously! I do think quality is much more important than quantity, pretty much when it comes to all things. As long as you feel your bags are of good quality, then there's no limit. Fashion is never-ending, so why limit yourself! Just be smart about each purchase.

Editor's Note: Pretty sure a Gryson bag would be a smart purchase on my end, no?! xoxo
[Photos Courtesy OliviaHarris.com; BagForum.com; Gryson.com]

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