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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kardashian Kollection Launches at Sears This Month

The Kardashian sisters share all about their clothing line, Kardashian Kollection.
Get ready, chicettes, because it's one of the most anticipated clothing launches of the summer - the Kardashian Kollection. And it officially launches in Sears stores nationwide this month. Squeal!!! We're talking shoes, handbags, jewelry, lingerie and clothing - all at price points under $100. Encompassing all three of the girl's individual styles into one collection, there's something for everyone - from girly and glam to relaxed and rocker.

We were so, so lucky to get a chance to catch up with Kim, Kourtney and Khloe this past week (on the eve of Kim's major wedding to Kris Humphries this weekend, no less). We asked them all about the new "kollection," plus their nail polish collaboration with OPI and two new books  - all coming out in November. The year is certainly not slowing down for these girls!

I Heart Heels: The launch of Kardashian Kollection must be so exciting for all of you! You're a part of so many projects, how is this one special to you?  
Kim: This is something we've wanted to do for so long, and working with Sears was the perfect fit. Seeing this opportunity come to life is so magical.
Kourtney: This launch is literally a dream come true for us! Having a collection together as sisters has been what I've thought of since we were little girls. Fashion has been a part of our lives since we were born and this Kardashian Kollection launch is so significant and important to our fashion dreams and desires in ways we can't even explain!

"This is something we've wanted to do for so long, and working with Sears was the perfect fit. Seeing this opportunity come to life is so magical." -- Kim Kardashian

IHH: How did each of you play a part in the collection?  
We've all been very hands-on with every process, from the designs to the material.
Kourtney: We're all very hands-on perfectionists! We all have different ideas, body types and fashion senses, so it was crucial for each of us to be very involved in each step of creating the collection.

IHH: Tell us about your upcoming OPI nail polish collection. Do you already have the cutesy names developed?  
Yes! There are so many cute names - I can't wait to share them! (See the next question for Kim's fav!)
Kourtney: Picking the names was my favorite part of the OPI experience! We all hand-picked our colors (and if you know our personalities, I think you will see that), and we all helped each other with the names. I think the names are fabulous!
Khloe: Yes, I love the names of my polishes! One is "Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam" and the other is "Disco Dolls." So fun!

IHH: How did you decide on the shades you would include?  
I really love nudes and pinks, so one of my favorites is "Kim-pletely in Love."
Kourtney: I wear an orangey-red lip as often as I possibly can, and I've never found a nail polish to match the shade, so I instantly knew that would be one of my shades! In fall, I always wear a black nail polish or a dark (almost black) burgundy, so I thought 'what could be the new version of this'? I decided on a chocolate brown - modern and chic!
Khloe: I'm a huge fan of "Lincoln Park After Dark." I wanted to do something dark, and I've always loved a dark teal green, so I went with that. For my "Disco Dolls," I love glam and glitter, and this polish reminds me of New Year's!

IHH: The new Kardashian Konfidential book will be out in November, and we can't wait to read it! Why did you decide to write another, and can you share some deets?
The [first] book came out last year and has lots of juicy secrets. It was a bestseller, so we decided to update it with newer information since our lives are constantly changing and evolving. And [there are] new pictures, of course, too!

We wrote the books to share who we were before the TV shows and before people started to know who we are. We also share styling, cooking and makeup tips....a little bit of everything. We filled it with tons of pictures - both personal and unseen photos - and some of our favorite paparazzi shots! (Editor's Note: The girls also have a new fictional novel out in November titled "Dollhouse." Squeal!!!! We can't wait to hear more details!)

"I couldn't imagine doing any of these projects without my sisters." -- Kourtney Kardashian

IHH: How easy is it collaborating on projects together - is there a lot of compromise involved?
I couldn't imagine doing any of these projects without my sisters. It wouldn't be as fun or fulfilling. We have a rule. When one of us doesn't like something, we get rid of it. We have to all love something for it to stay.
Khloe: It's fun collaborating with each other! Of course there is compromising...we get the best of both worlds. There is one brand, but three designers with three different tastes. The consumer gets the biggest buy for their buck. We have different styles and body types so everything is different for each of us. We always make it work and we come together to make magic! 

"There is one brand, but three designers with three different tastes. The consumer gets the biggest buy for their buck." -- Khloe Kardashian

IHH: Kim, you're a definite heel lover, so we have to know your vision for your wedding shoes?
Definitely something tall

IHH: Kourtney, as a new mom to Mason (who, by the way, is only a few days older than our little C.!), what are a few go-to items in your closet right now?

Kourtney: I live in flats. Thank heaven for stylish flat shoes. It's been a hot summer, so I also live in shorts and short rompers. With a toddler running around, it isn't so easy to wear a dress that can fly up. I like to get down on the floor with him and do everything he's doing, so I wear clothes that don't restrict me from doing that.

IHH: Khloe, has your style changed now that you're a newlywed?
I think my style has changed when it comes to nighttime. I love being in lingerie and silky pieces to wear to bed. 

P.S. We'll be at Lucky Magazine's FABB Conference next month, where the three sisters are scheduled to speak. I'm excited beyond words to hear this power trio and see them in person (or as we bloggers say "IRL"), so more on that in a few weeks! In the meantime, have fun with your wedding, Kim! Air kisses...xoxo


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  1. You're so lucky! And I don't care what anyone says, Kim K. is FABulous.... I'd LOVE to look like her, she's sooo beautiful & has a great figure as well. Those haters who always have negatives to say about them (the Sisters), well I just think "You WISH you had what they have!"


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