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Monday, August 29, 2011

Manolo Blahnik Collabs with Mimi Plange

It's Monday, so let's chat shoes. Any excuse, right? I leave for Fashion Week next week (squeallllll) and I'm just a tad bit excited, so to curb this excitement, you'll be seeing little sneak peeks of the upcoming shows here and there until then. Can't help it. Hope you don't mind?

Check out this eye candy...swoon. Turns out legendary Manolo Blahnik is partnering with designer Mimi Plange for a special shoe collection (hello, can't wait) that will debut at her presentation. The floral-beaded bootie above is not me at all, but I would looooove to try to rock it. Step outta my style comfort zone for a moment. It sorta reminds me of my fav broken-in denim jacket with an 80's twist. I'm certain the soft pastel blue sandal below would look good on most anyone's feet (particularly mine, but hey) - loving those tassels. The soft blue makes me long for the crisp, cool days of spring again (summer has been way too harsh, ugh). Can't wait to see more of spring on the runway next week...

"I wanted to take the Eastern floral of spring, the traditional dress of the Himba, the Victorian dress of the Herero, and blend them together into something modern, soft and strong. The shoes are reflective of that spirit - modern shapes and heels grounded with traditional beading and patterns. It has been wonderful to see the inspiration showcased with the beauty of a Manolo Blahnik shoe and I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to be able to collaborate with the brand." -- Mimi Plange

[Photos Courtesy Film Fashion]

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