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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nicole Chavez on Jessica Simpson's Upcoming Fashion Star Wardrobe

Nicole Chavez, stylist to Jessica Simpson, talks about her Fashion Star wardrobe
Nicole Chavez. She's one of my absolute fav stylists - not only because she's got class and style, but because she's just so darn nice and completely normal (she was paying her cable bill just before we chatted!). I must admit I now have her cell number saved in my phone "just in case" I have a style emergency (and she can immediately put down what she's doing with clients Rachel Bilson or Kristen Bell...yeah right)! Well, I'm so very, very excited to watch Nicole's talent in a brand-new role: wardrobe stylist to Jessica Simpson on February's NBC show, Fashion Star. I can hardly wait, so I must squeal now!!!

The show, hosted by Elle Macpherson, focuses on finding the next big brand in fashion with 14 contestants competing to launch their line in three of America's largest retailers - Macy's, H&M and Saks. Each week, someone is eliminated when no retailer buys their designs. In the end, the winner is chosen by three mentors - Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos. But, what we wanna know is...where did Jessica Simpson get those shoes?! Good thing I had a quick chat with Nicole yesterday, right?

The crew just finished shooting the season (10 episodes) of both runway set-ups and workshops where the contestants receive the actual "mentoring." It's in the latter setting that Nicole says Jessica wears 75-percent of her own Jessica Simpson Collection (including shoes, although unfortch these might not be shown too much...). The runway scenes show Jessica in more designer clothing and accessories. So, which designers did Nicole choose? A lot of Alexander McQueen, Robert Cavalli, Roland Mouret and Vivienne Westwood. Swoon. Nicole says we can expect Jessica in more "tailored, sophisticated looks" (the focus is on the female form) with a lot of metallic for "glitz and glamour" as well as "big jewelry and earrings." Most clothing was kept body-conscious and comfortable, so that the hair and make-up could be fun, creative and bring out those "style moments" from Jessica's look.

"Jessica's got great legs, so most of her looks are short." -- Nicole Chavez, Fashion Star stylist
When shopping for the show, Nicole did a mix of shopping at department stores and boutiques, and claims those on Rodeo Drive as some of her favorites (um, hello, ours, too!). She also relied on sites Net-A-Porter.com and Shopbop.com (where she says little day rompers by Parker are a favorite!). 

"It was such an honor to work with one of the funniest people I know...never a dull moment." -- Nicole, on working with Jessica Simpson

As for working with JS, who wouldn't want to, right? Nicole shares: "she's an amazing spirit and a good friend of mine. She's all heart, and so committed and dedicated to each contestant on the show. She's super invested in seeing their dreams come true. It was always, 'how can I help you? This is what I learned building my brand, so let me help you.' It's great to see her in that capacity and give back and help upcoming designers."

P.S. Keep checking I Heart Heels until February for more deets on the specific outfits (and those heels!) Jessica wears on the show, it's going to be so much fun!! xo

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