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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Green Babies

It's another Whiny Wednesday, but it should've been a Whiny Tuesday this week. It was little C.'s first venture to Mother's Day Out...a.k.a. his first more-than-an-hour-away-from-family experience. Up until now he has only been cared for by family - and those in the church nursery for the past couple of weeks (and that was only an hour!). This was almost FOUR hours, and the poor guy did not like it one bit. Bless his heart, as we say down south. Please think of us as we make these major adjustments over the fall...I am hoping he gets more used to it each time!

But, on the bright side, little C. LOVES his bath and always has. So when I heard about the Green Babies bodycare collection, I was jumping for joy (minus the peep-toes, of course!). The line includes: bubble bath, shampoo/body wash, detangler and lotion/moisturizer. We received samples of all to try, but haven't used the bubble bath because it's "energizing" and little C. takes his bath before bed (hello, no thanks?! haha). But they do also carry a "calming" version that I would welcome with open arms and I'm sure is great (he does love bubbles in his bath). The shampoo/body wash is amazing! I love combos (soooo much easier) and it smells great, too. The best part about any of the line though is what it's touted for - it's green!

The deets: 
NO synthetic fragrances or phthalates
NO parabens
NO sulfates or petrochemicals
Never tested on animals & 100% vegan
Hypo-allergenic & tear-free
Bottles are a minimum of 50% PCR material

I can absolutely get behind any brand who takes extra-care to protect my little C. And the "Green Babies Promise" here proves that right away. I just wish more companies would step up and do the same. Thank you, Green Babies for making our bathtime so fun and safe!

P.S. little C. loves the pamphlet we received from the company as well, which is the same photo on the homepage. Check it out...the babies are wearing green diapers, literally. Haha. It's the little things...

[Photo Courtesy Green Babies]

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