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Friday, October 14, 2011

Hat Attack Satisfies Your Winter Chicness

I'm in wintery love with Hat Attack - fur real. (Ok, couldn't resist...sorry!) While it's still a pretty balmy 85 degrees around the south right now (gotta love it), I'm lusting over those of you up north starting to pull out your "gear" for cooler weather (darn you). Obvi, no one's really pulling out the hats and scarves just yet, but it won't be long. Before you can say "stacked heel," we'll all be prancing around in our ear muffs. Yep, check them above. I. want. these. These little charmers would look dashing on my ears, no? I'm a total hat girl, but if you're not, these are a great (and chic!) alternative to wearing one. They also come in a beautiful light turquoise hue (below), but this color here (tobacco) is one of my favs this fall (great for us redheads!). 

While looking through Hat Attack's fall/winter lookbook, I spotted tons of things I wouldn't mind wearing (I tend to have that problem...never met a lookbook I didn't see something I liked, haha). But, my fav fabrics seemed to be the knits. It's so cute on the ear muffs, but aren't the knit hats below just so completely adorable with the poufy little fur adornments atop? Too cute for words! Ok, or not. I have to say I would wear these JUST to check the mail.
And while we're on the subject of great knit hats. If the fur is not yo thang, I recommend a little sparkle in your life. Every girl needs it! I was completely drawn to the sparkly beret below (this is taupe, but it comes in an amazing winter white). Girly, yet practical at the same time. Loves it. (oh, and totally warrants an air kiss...) - xo
[Photos Courtesy Hat Attack]

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