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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Moccasins with Baubles? Heart It.

Can I go ahead and tell you something and you won't be mad at me? Lately, I've been living in sheepskin moccasins by LAMO. Whew, I said it. But, honestly? I don't even feel ashamed because they're so darn cute. Normally when I hear the word moccasin, I shudder. But, did you know they're actually making a "comeback" in fashion and it's cool to wear them now? Ok, I really don't care about that, either. All I care about is they're easy (hey, I tote little C. to the playground and all around the place, let's be real), they're comfy (hello, sheepskin, I do love you so) and they're sparkly (I told you about my thing with sparkles lately, right? nope, not over it, yet...)

I was provided the pair above in black (but aren't the red ones so festive for the upcoming holidays?) and my feet say a nice and polite thank you. They're from the capsule Signature Collection, and they're pure foot candy (oh, wait, that's actually the name of the style - Footcandy!). These sheepskin-lined babies (they're temperature balanced!) are super soft on the inside and out and feature the prettiest little baubles atop. Used to be my feet wouldn't have set foot in a pair of these (I'm being honest here), but lately I almost feel boho chic when I wear them with skinnies. Obviously they can't take the place of my heels (shaking my head a thousand times), but they are welcome to be my new friend and a nice relief when my feet just can't take it any longer. Everyone wants pretty and comfy in a shoe, so there ya go. Oh, and they're $80, a great price for something I'll probably wear alllll winter long. Ahhhh....

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