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Monday, October 3, 2011

Trend Alert: Floppy Hat

Last year while in New York at fashion week, I fell madly in love with the floppy hats heading down the runway. So, if you loved them for spring/summer, the good news (ok, great news!) is that they're still on trendd for fall/winter. (And needed more so than ever...brrrrrr) I can't believe how cute this one is from American Eagle that Lea Michele wore arriving at the airport in Paris this past Friday. 

This "boho floppy hat" is only $24.50 - and I MUST add this to my closet. Must, girlies. Obvi, it's black so I know it goes with anything in my wardrobe, but the my fav part is how it frames the face so elegantly. I'm a hat lady through and through (betcha didn't know that, right?), and there are some hats that take over the show. We certainly don't want that - we want a hat that pulls together the entire outfit. It's a standout accessory, but lets everything else shine at the same time. But, do beware. You can't wear this with anything too statement-y (i.e. faux fur, sequins, bright yellow) - it just wouldn't be right. So, I could see myself wearing this with my taupe trapeze dress with tights, or a great pair of skinny jeans, an oversized sweater and riding boots. This will be absolutely great for those days when I want to be noticed. Because, believe me, you will be in this hat.

P.S. Oversized shades do make it look all the more glam, no? Don't leave home without a pair of those, either. K? Air kisses...

[Photo Courtesy American Eagle]

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