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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Whiny Wednesday: Jennifer Garner is Pregnant Chic

How can Jennifer Garner be so impeccably chic as a pregnant lady dressed both down and up? Huh?! Oh, yeah, she has the right clothes. Honeys, if it ever mattered before, it certainly does when you're pregnant. It's alllll about the fit, indeed. You've heard me go on about maternity jean brand X, but rarely do you hear that one of my fav jeans brands of all time (yes, for realsies), Citizens of Humanity, has maternity jeans! In fact, Jennifer Garner has been wearing the Ava (in the Faith wash). It's a straight-leg style (great for those pull-on boots, a must during pregnancy, right?), and it's $178. It has a panel, which I found throughout my own pregnancy, is much better towards the end when you actually have a belly. If you wear this style too soon, the panel just won't work for that wannabe belly of yours. But, alas, the panel style is comfy, and these COH have the same signature back pocket stitching we all love on our regular jeans. Hey, just because you're an expecting mama doesn't mean you have to stick out!

JG also knows how to rock that bump in something a little dressier - aka, this Isabella Oliver slit pencil skirt ($145). The IO brand is one known for both style and comfort (especially style though because I love it!) and also such great quality and fit. And that's ALL it boils down to when it comes to maternity folks. Don't buy millions of cheap garments. Buy a cool, edited mix of quality items you'll love and look great in (aka these jeans and this black skirt)...but I'm preaching to the choir, right? ;)

[Photo Courtesy Isabella Oliver]

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